Council Seat F Candidate Jerald Brown

2019 Elections: Council Seat E Candidate Jerald Brown

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Nome Nugget: What is your motivation to run for Nome Common Council again?

Jerald Brown: I enjoy serving my community as a member of the Nome Common Council.  We are working on some things right now that I would like to continue to be involved with, such as the activation of the Public Safety Commission, Deep Draft Port and others.


Nome Nugget: What are the biggest challenges facing Nome today and how do you propose as councilmember to address them?

Jerald Brown: Climate change, continued high cost of living, reduced assistance from the State are a few challenges.  Climate change is going to eventually wreak havoc globally, and we are already seeing some effects here with melting permafrost, a rapidly changing ocean ecosystem, less ice cover. Ships are already traveling through the Bering Strait in greater numbers, and there are ice-free passages through the Arctic. We need to be aware of and prepared for the economic opportunities as well as for the environmental disasters that are likely to follow the increase in traffic.


Nome Nugget: What are your budget priorities?

Jerald Brown: Education (preschool as well as K-12) has to be one of the most important priorities for any community, along with public safety and quality of life.  I do not believe there is much “fluff” in the current budget, but I welcome any and all suggestions on ways to cut costs without sacrificing essential services.


Nome Nugget: As councilman, what meaningful steps should be taken to address public inebriation and homelessness?

Jerald Brown: I think we should provide some alternatives for our community members who find themselves without a place to go or something to do. There was a recent suggestion that the City could assist in acquiring the Nome Youth Facility for use as itinerant housing – I think this is worth taking a good look at. I know there are other ideas worth exploring as well.  


Nome Nugget: Please outline steps to be taken to restore citizens’ trust in the Nome Police Department and describe what a functional NPD would look like in your opinion.

Jerald Brown: I think we have taken a step in the right direction with the formation of the Public Safety Commission, but there is still a lot of work to do. We need to insist that all crimes, especially violent crimes like rape and assault, are taken seriously and immediately investigated.  We need a police force that is able to be held accountable for its actions.


Nome Nugget: What strategies do you propose to encourage better communication between the city and the public pertaining to announcing open commission seats, public meetings and the chance for the public to interact with visiting state and federal dignitaries, for example. 

Jerald Brown: I am open to suggestions on how to accomplish this. The City advertises meetings and vacancies in the newspaper, radio stations, Nome announce and postings at City Hall.

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