Candidate for Mayor: Incumbent Richard Beneville

2019 Elections: Mayor; Incumbent Richard Beneville

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Incumbent: Richard Beneville

Nome Nugget: What is your motivation to re-run for Mayor of Nome and what are your qualifications?

Richard Beneville: My motivation is the same as it was four years ago: A strong desire to serve the citizens of Nome and to present Nome to the rest of the State and the Arctic World as a progressive city with an eye on the future and at the same time honoring the traditions and lifestyles of the indigenous people of Nome and the region.


Nome Nugget: A significant function of the Mayor is to be the ceremonial head of the city, representing Nome. What is your vision and your priorities of Nome that you as Mayor would like represent?

Richard Beneville: 1.To continue to work on presenting the choice of Nome as a Deep Water Draft Port for the far North as the best choice.

2.To continue my support of the newly formed Nome Public Safety Advisory Committee.

3. To urge the City Council to continue strong support of our schools.

4. To let the citizens of Nome know that City Hall hears them.


Nome Nugget: Over the years public intoxication and homelessness have worsened. Within the scope of the mayor’s office, how do you suggest to address the issue?

Richard Beneville: I am a recovering alcoholic who through the grace of God was able to achieve sobriety. People trying to live a life of sobriety or just get sober need assistance with employment and with housing. It is imperative that we continue work with the state and federal entities to designate Nome as an Economic Development Zone. This will help to attract those entities that can invest in housing by offering housing tax incentives that are key to attracting this type of investment.


Nome Nugget: Recently a Public Safety Commission was instated. How would you, as mayor, elevate the issue of making Nome a safe place for everybody and what would your vision be for a functioning Nome Police Department?

Richard Beneville: The NPD, the City, the advisory Commission and the general public should work together and listen to make Nome a safer place to live and a secure in which bring up children. I support the NPD in their effort to sort through much information in the effort to get to the bottom of issues that are being questioned by the public. I also believe the NPD needs more support in adding new officers, obtaining more updated police equipment. 


Nome Nugget:  How do you propose to stimulate public interest to get involved in local government?

Richard Beneville: I feel very strongly about serving my community. Without people who desire to serve we don’t have local government. We are a democracy, serving in local government makes democracy work. I urge others to step forward.


Nome Nugget: Why should voters cast their vote for you?

Richard Beneville: Why? Because I am a very strong advocate for our town at every level and forum. I believe in our town and its citizens. I also believe in our ability to succeed for ourselves, our children and grandchildren’s future.


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