Anderson takes law and gun into his own hands

One evening early this month, Frank Anderson, 58, refreshed himself at local bars, decided to right a wrong he thought had been done a woman friend, and grabbed a gun.
The court and law enforcement said Anderson went about it the wrong way. Anderson on Monday faced six criminal charges, all felonies but one, associated with allegedly waving his .22 caliber handgun about town. The State Second District Court in Nome ordered Anderson to be held in jail pending $5,000 bail.
Observations and investigations by Officers Casey Johnson, Sgt. Preston Stotts and Community Service Officer Tom Paniataaq built a signed affidavit that starts off with the three lawmen responding to a call about 11 p.m. from Breakers Bar on Front Street that the suspect was brandishing a handgun. When officers arrived, the defendant had taken off on a bicycle headed east on Front Street.
Witnesses said Anderson became upset at perceived maltreatment of a woman by her boyfriend.
Johnson talked to Louise Walcott, Joely Lugdon and Kaitlyn Priester at Bering Sea Bar. Lugdon said Anderson, highly intoxicated, had yelled at Priester and then reached into his pocket and drew out a “big silver pistol” and waved it in Priester’s face. Lugdon and Walcott reported Anderson had gone on about shooting a hole in someone’s floor, but they did not know whose floor, according to court documents.
According to Priester, Anderson showed her the gun but did not threaten her; rather, he seemed upset with Priester’s ex-fiancé, Christopher McCully, for mistreating her, according to court documents.
McCully called Nome Police Dept. around 11:30 p.m., to say he had awakened to an unusual noise and looked out the window to see the defendant’s tan pickup truck outside. McCully further reported that Anderson had kicked his door open, pointed a .22 handgun at him and said, “Leave her alone,” according to a court document. McCully covered his head with his arms, fearing the defendant was going to shoot him.
McCully told police he heard a loud bang and saw that Anderson had shot a hole in his floor. Andersen then went back to his truck and left, McCully reported.
A short time later, police found Anderson’s truck parked in the Polaris Bar parking lot. They observed a .22 caliber hand gun in plain view on the back seat, according to court records.
Police contacted Anderson leaving the Nugget Inn around 12:15 a.m. He showed signs of being  intoxicated—red watery eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, according to the affidavit filed by Johnson.
In an interview Anderson explained that he was tired of McCully mistreating Priester, so he went to McCully’s house to confront him. He took the gun with him to show McCully he was not joking, he said. He denied pointing the gun at McCully, but admitted he had hit the floor in McCully’s residence to scare McCully.
Frank Anderson has been charged on three counts of Burglary First Degree, entering and remaining in a building McCully with intent to commit a crime; one count of Misconduct Involving A weapon, fire a gun at a dwelling; one count of Assault, Third Degree, and one count of Misconduct Involving A Weapon Four, having a firearm on his person while physical or mental condition is impaired as a result of introduction of liquor or controlled substance into his body, a Misdemeanor A.
The court has set bail at $5,000. Anderson has a court-appointed attorney for his defense. His next court appearance will be Aug. 15 at 1:30 p.m. for a preliminary hearing.


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