The City of Nome is looking for interested candidates to fill the Mayor of Nome position.

City seeks new mayor

With the passing of Richard Beneville on May 11 the City of Nome not only lost its biggest fan and promoter but also its mayor of four and a half years. It’s impossible to find a substitute to replace Richard, the fan, who professed his love for Nome in a myriad of ways. But the city must now seek a new mayor to pick up where Beneville left off and carry on representing Nome.
Last week, the Nome Common Council via city staff announced it solicits letters of interest from Nome residents wanting to fill the position of interim mayor.
Beneville’s term would have expired in October 2021, but city ordinance states that if a mayoral vacancy occurs six months prior to the election, the Nome Common Council appoints an interim mayor. The interim mayor fills the position until the next regular election, which will take place on Oct. 6, 2020. Candidates for mayor then run for election and the successful candidate will serve for the remainder of Beneville’s term, until Oct. 2021.
For now, the Common Council seeks letters of interest from the public by June 18. The Council will review the applications and on June 22, councilmembers aim to appoint the interim mayor from the pool of applicants.
City Clerk Bryant Hammond explained the process saying that applicants for the interim position need no declaration of candidacy and only need to submit a cover letter of interest with a resume. Qualifications required by city ordinance are that the candidate must be a resident of Nome for at least one year and not be delinquent in any city taxes, property tax, sales tax or utility payments.
The City of Nome has a city manager form of government, which renders the role of mayor to be of more ceremonial nature. The mayor presides over Common Council meetings, functions as a tie-breaker and is the public head of local Nome government.
Persons interested in serving the community in the capacity of mayor, are encouraged to submit a letter of interest and resume to the City Clerk’s Office or

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