Larry Pederson wins NJUS board seat

Seat D at the Nome Joint Utility Board is officially filled as write-in candidate Larry Pederson garnered more than 50 percent plus one vote in the Nov. 5 runoff election over Gerald Hughes. A total of 152 ballots were cast, with 98 votes for Pederson and 54 votes for Hughes. Seat D is a three-year term.
The runoff election was necessitated when nobody declared candidacy to fill utility board Seat D, formerly held by Chuck Wheeler, in the municipal election on Oct. 1. Larry Pederson and Gerald Hughes emerged as write-in candidates, but neither had the required 50 percent plus one vote to claim victory. The runoff election took place on Nov. 5. Out of 2,658 registered municipal voters, 152 cast their vote, including six absentee ballots. There were no further write-ins. The Common Council on Thursday, Nov. 7 canvassed the election.
Larry Pederson also serves on the Nome Planning Commission, but according to the Planning Commission Nov. 12 meeting agenda, Pederson intends to resign from the planning panel.

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