Nome man arrested on drug charges

A warrant has been issued Oct. 2 for David Fergerson, 57, on charges connected with trafficking and selling heroin and methamphetamines in Nome.

Fergerson appeared for arraignment on Oct. 5 in Second District Court in Nome. An attorney with Alaska Public Defender Agency has been appointed to assist with Fergerson’s defense.
Investigating Alaska State Trooper Garrett Frost, according to his affidavit, received a tip that Fergerson was dealing drugs in 2014.

Law enforcement made several controlled and recorded buys in June 2017 using a confidential informant. The informant purchased crystal methamphetamine on June 17 and black tar heroin on July at Fergerson’s residence on Sixth Avenue within 500 feet of the Nome Elementary School and across the street from Kawerak Head Start.

Lab tests verified the drugs.

Fergerson has been charged on two counts of Misconduct of a Controlled Substance—Second Degree, both recklessly within 500 ft. of a school, both Class B felonies. Additionally he has been charged on two counts of making or delivering a controlled substance, both Class C felonies.

Fergerson appeared in court on Oct. 10 seeking release on bail reduction of $15,000 and a third party custodian.
Judge Romano DiBenedetto disqualified Fergerson’s spouse as third party custodian, based on District Attorney John Earthman’s information that his spouse had been living in the house during commission another crime on which Fergerson had been convicted.

Fergerson told the court through his attorney that he was seeking release to keep medical appointments in Anchorage, one for Oct. 10 and one later on.

Earthman stated that Fergerson’s going to Anchorage would be a way to bring drugs back to Nome to continue his drug business as usual.

Judge DiBenedetto ruled that the two medical appointments could be dealt with one at a time. Fergerson would be released on his own recognizance and return Oct. 11 by 1:30 p.m. following the first appointment, to report to court for remand.

Should Fergerson not return as agreed, Judge DiBenedetto would issue a warrant for his arrest and his bail would increase, he said.
Fergerson did report to court on Oct. 11 at 1:30 p.m. Judge DiBenedetto restored the $15,000 bail and third party custody order. Fergerson returned to custody at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center.

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