NPD Chief Bob Estes resigned.

Nome Police Chief resigns

According to a press release from John K. Handeland, Interim City Manager, Nome Police Chief Bob Estes has resigned.
Estes will continue to lead the police department for up to 90 days in accordance with his contract, the press release says.
The resignation followed a special meeting during which the Nome Common Council discussed police department issues. (See story below).
Handeland offered appreciation to Estes’ dedication to the community, stating, “Nome has been through some challenging times. Estes’ leadership has been invaluable to the City and the citizens of Nome.”
 According to the press release Estes stated, “The past year has been a great opportunity to assess and assist the City’s ability to heal and the department has made improvements.Our goal was to conduct an honest assessment, complete investigations and move the City and police department in a better direction.The department’s loss of personnel in the past year alone continues to be a challenge on the backlog of cases.”
“We are committed to continue efforts to improve on public safety in the community and to establish a greater degree of trust by accountability to the citizens of Nome,” Handeland said in the press release.
Former city manager Thomas Moran retained Estes last fall after then-Nome Police Chief John Papasodora opted to not renew his contract. Estes started to work for NPD on Sept. 15, 2018.


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