WOMEN’S MARCH—Men, women and children participated in last Saturday’s Women’s March in Nome

Nomeites brave cold at Women’s March

About 35 participants in the Women’s March held on Saturday, January 20 joined millions of other marchers nationally and internationally to express their dismay with the current Trump administration and its policies of isolationism, exclusion and catering to special interests of the wealthy.

January 20 marked the one-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States.

The theme of this year’s marches across the country was “Power to the Polls” to bring attention to this year’s midterm elections. Jenny Mills, organizer of the Nome event, said that the intent was to bring across the message of “get out the vote and use your vote wisely.”

By that the marchers meant to do some damage to Republican candidates, as it appears that moderate and even conservative Republicans are unable to reign in the current chaos wreaked by Trump on the Republican brand. Many marchers across the country carried that same message of not feeling represented by the current regime.

Mills said that the intent and purpose of the march was to express the strong disagreement with the Trump administration’s policies in regards to immigration, women’s rights, tax breaks to the wealthy, rolled back environmental protections and LGBT rights. “We don’t feel like our rights are being protected,” Mills said. “The current administration does not care about any of these things.”

“Just grab them by the Midterms,” read one sign carried at the march. It referenced to a recording that surfaced during the election campaign in 2016, in which Trump could be heard saying that he forces himself on women, kissing them, and then stated “Just grab them by the **** [vulgar word for private parts, Ed.]

“We need to call out President Trump as a sexual assaulter,” said Mills. The #metoo “movement” has opened the floodgates of years of suppressed truths relating to sexual abuse and violence. Mills said that, privately, several local women approached her and spontaneously talked to her what happened to them. “We need to call out these predators and do all we can to not tolerate sexual harassment or abuse any longer,” she said.

Of the march she said, it was cold and yet people came out to have interesting discussions during the short walk between the Post Office on Front Street and Old St. Joe’s on Bering Street.

Mills said a group has been formed in Nome that is called the “Indivisible Movement” and uses citizen power to change the direction the country is going in now. Their goal? “We want to go back to live in an America that is an inclusive and open society,” Mills said.

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