NVFD responds to house fire

In the early morning hours on Saturday, Nome Volunteer Firefighters were toned out to respond to an active fire at King’s Place. According to NVFD Chief Jim West Jr., a total of 15 fire and ambulance volunteers responded to the two-story house’s lower level engulfed in flames. One person was injured and transported to Anchorage with burn injuries.
West said the fire was on the deck of the lower level apartment and spread. Home owner David Evans, who lives on upper level apartment said he was awoken when his downstairs tenant Jerry Patton came running upstairs and alerted him of the fire. Evans said beside himself, there was his girlfriend and two sons, age 10 and 11, in the building. “I opened the door to my deck and saw that three to four foot flames shooting up,” Evans said. He told the girlfriend and the boys to rush outside while he called 911. The fire department arrived six minutes after an initial 911 call came in, which appeared to have come in before Evans and other neighbors called.
Fire Chief West said firefighters had to not only battle the flames but also a strong north wind from spreading the fire. At the time the winds were blowing 25 to 35 mph. West said that neighboring homes are only 20 to 25 feet away. “We applied a lot of water,” West said. The fire did not jump to other structures and the volunteer firefighters had the fire put out and cleaned up by 6:02 a.m.
The fire’s origin is under investigation by Nome Police Dept. West said that it appeared to have started outside.
“I’m happy to be alive,” said Dave Evans when reached by phone on Tuesday. He said the house is inhabitable right now due to heavy smoke damage upstairs and smoke, water and fire damage in the downstairs apartment. He said he moved his family to his mother’s house in Icy View. All clothes and belongings are smoke-damaged, but he repeated that he’s happy that all got out alive. He said his tenant is still in the hospital and that the lower apartment is a total loss.

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