Spilled trail mix generates injuries, five felony charges

A Nome man remains at Anvil Mountain Correction Center under bail of $20,000 following an altercation with his girlfriend that drew him domestic violence related assault charges plus court petitions to cancel probation on two prior convictions.
Wayne Alvis, 31, has been charged on one count Assault 1—Serious injury, Weapon, Class A Felony; one count, Assault 2—Serious Injury, Reckless, Class B Felony; two counts Assault 3—Cause Injury With a Weapon; one count Assault 3—Cause fear of injury, Weapon,  three Class C felonies.
The case has been closed in state Second District Court and reopened in state Superior Court, the primary felony court.
The complaint rests on observations and investigations of Nome Police Dept. officers, Wade Harrison, Cordell Murray and Sgt. Justin Timm, who responded to an ambulance call to take Tahnee Esparza, 22, to Norton Sound Regional Hospital on June 5. Esparza had already left for the ER when officers arrived.
At Alvis’ residence, officers found blood on the ground leading up to the entrance and blood on the doorframe, according to court documents. Additionally, a truck outside had broken windows. Inside, disarray within the apartment showed signs of a struggle, according to a report filed by officers.
Alvis said he was trying to get Esparza out of the house while the two had a verbal argument, that Esparza had thrown household items at him, according to officers’ accounts.
Esparza told officers a verbal set-to arose over a bag of trail mix and led to Alvis attempting to strangle her with both hands. The violence broke a vase along the way. The victim suffered a deep cut to her wrist showing fresh blood.  With abrasions and blood spatter on her body, according to the criminal complaint document, Esparza also informed officers she had been dragged outside by her hair.
At the hospital, doctors confirmed Esparza’s injuries as severe.
Alvis, as of June 19, had not pleaded guilt or innocence in the case and did not yet have an attorney. Alvis remained in custody and had a representational hearing coming up on June 29 at 1:30 p.m.
Alvis provided a BrAC of 0.076 on a breath analysis for alcohol. According to court records, Alvis was on probation related to two prior convictions with no alcohol use as one condition. Therefore, the court has reopened the two cases on a petition to revoke probation, which could lead to Alvis serving part or all of those jail sentences.


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