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In their own words: Council Seat A Adam Martinson

NN: What are your qualifications to run for the Nome Common Council?

Adam Martinson: I am a 33-year resident of Nome, loyal husband and proud father of two children as well as a graduate of Nome-Beltz High School and proudly served my country for five years as a Corpsman in the US Navy.  I’m currently the Ground Services Manager for Bering Air, Inc. where I have worked for the last 15 years and also a five-year member of the Nome Referee Association and community volunteer for the Youth Basketball program. I am dedicated to the future of our community and believe I am a good listener, and hard working. 

NN: Why are you running for office?

Adam Martinson: I believe I have something to offer the City of Nome.  It is time for new voices in the council chambers.  If elected, I plan to be a voice for the regular citizen, the tax payer, the small business owner, and the hard-working citizens of Nome.  I believe I can bring a helpful, motivated attitude to the council.  

NN: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing Nome today and how do you propose as councilmember to address them?

Adam Martinson: A big challenge we all face is the high cost of living that continues to increase.  I think there are ways to balance necessary budgetary needs and keeping prices down for our residents.  If elected, I would work closely with my fellow council members to identify ways to make Nome a more affordable place to live. 

When I was growing up, tourism was always a big part of Nome.  Seeing the tour bus loaded with visitors almost every day during the summer was very awesome.  Somehow, we need to rekindle that fire for tourism in Nome to not only to boost this revenue stream but also to show off our beautiful city that we are all so proud of.

NN: How do you propose as council member to stimulate public interest in attending meetings and becoming involved in city issues?

Adam Martinson: I, myself, am in that very situation. I’ve talked about getting involved for years and finally decided to put myself out there and do something about it. I hope by getting involved I can motivate others to become interested in bettering our community.  I do not see many people in my age range that are out there getting involved in city issues.  If elected, I hope to stimulate interest by showing the community that getting involved and working hard for Nome pays off.

NN: How can the Council become motivated to provide leadership in vigorously seeking solutions to overuse of alcohol?

Adam Martinson: Start doing something is the first obvious option.  NSHC along with other partners is in the building/planning stages of a Wellness Center, which is a giant step. The City of Nome must become more proactive and involved in the wellbeing of the citizens of Nome.  If elected, I can help the city integrate itself into making this a top priority.

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