In their own words: Council Seat B Incumbent Louie Green Sr.

NN: What are your qualifications to run for the Nome Common Council?

Louie Green: I have experience for the job. I had two terms on the utility board and nine and a half years on City Council. Which includes working in the towns and villages in this region.


NN: Why are you running for office?

LouieGreen: I feel I can still serve the public if re-elected.


NN:  In your opinion, what are the biggest challenge facing Nome today and how do you propose as councilmember to address them?

Louie Green: The cost of living and the loss of business in Nome and the high cost of products you buy in Nome. I hear this talk from community, many of them leaving. For instance, a big package of diapers or lube oil is less than half of the price if you order it online and have it delivered to you.


NN:  How do you propose as councilmember to stimulate public interest in attending meetings and becoming involved in city issues?

Louie Green: Improve on the public relations and promote and do things that promote business. And improve relations with the City Council and citizens of Nome. For example, instead of having a resolution in City Council passed, it should have public input. That City Council and City develop it and work together.


NN: How can the Council become motivated to provide leadership in vigorously seeking solutions to overuse of alcohol?

Louie Green: You can’t legislate drinking, and will drink regardless. It’s a medical condition and is should be treated as medical.

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