Derek McLarty

In their own words: NJUS candidate Derek McLarty

NJUS Seat B, two-year term

Incumbent Wes Perkins is not running again


Candidate Derek McLarty

NN: What are your qualifications and why do you want to run for NJUS board?

Derek McLarty: I am a long-term resident of Nome. I have been involved in various municipal government activities including serving on the Nome Planning Commission (two years) and the Nome Port Commission (two years). I’d like to continue serving the community and utilities are an important part of our daily lives. I am willing, able and interested in gaining additional knowledge and providing input to improve services in Nome.


NN: Describe your experience with utilities in Nome and highlight the changes you’d like to see at NJUS.

Derek McLarty: I am a utility customer. Maintaining a system that continues to provide reliable service to the town is of utmost importance to myself and the community as a whole. I will be an active participating member. I am not seeking this position to make drastic changes, but to refine the system that is in place and work to make it more sustainable.


NN: What do you identify as the most pressing issues for NJUS?

Derek McLarty: The utility infrastructure continues to age and is in need of replacement. But funding sources are a thing of the past, forcing the Utility to consider funding replacements through loans or bonds. The prospect of state grant funding appears bleak, yet delaying repair only exacerbates the problem and need. Thus, it will require considerable thought and planning to assure we get the best bang for our own buck, as we move forward with these necessary repairs.


NN: What is your vision to bring down energy costs for NJUS consumers?

Derek McLarty: Nome will continue to be reliant on diesel fuel, but continuing to seek out additional green technology and viable alternatives should continue to be researched and implemented if deemed effective. With inflation, costs may not necessarily go down but we must do our best to maintain or minimize any increases.


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