Pat Johanson

In their own words: NSEDC Nome incumbent Pat Johanson

Nome NSEDC Representative, four-year term


Incumbent Pat Johanson

NN: Please outline why you want to re-run for the Nome seat on the NSEDC board. 

Pat Johanson: I’m running for re-election in hopes to continue to keep local fishermen working and fishing longer into the summer, to bring in more jobs at the fish plant and to find a way to help our education system keep our kids and teachers here in Nome.


NN: Describe your experience in fisheries in Norton Sound and highlight what changes you would like to see at NSEDC. 

Pat Johanson: My fishing experience is all subsistence and primarily on the Pilgrim River fishing red salmon.  On the commercial side I would like to see additional halibut and salmon caught and processed in Nome.  On the subsistence side I would like to see more of a king and silver salmon run to help fill freezers. Also we need to bring back the tom cod derby!   


 NN: What do you identify as the most pressing issues for NSEDC and how do you propose to solve them? 

Pat Johanson: Climate change and its effects on our fishery: pollock as far north as St Lawrence island, cod ten miles off shore, a sight that was rare ten years ago, this is something we need to monitor and continue to adapt. Local hire: I think we need to train more of our own to address the growing needs in our region.  Education: We need to find a way to assist our regional school system so we can keep our students and teachers in region, this is our (NSEDC’s) future work force.


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