Richard Brian Schulling

Richard Brian Schulling

September 22, 1969 – September 4, 2020

Richard Brian Schulling was born to his parents Russell and Betty (Curran) Tootkaylok on September 22, 1969 in Anchorage, Alaska.  Richard was born as the baby brother to Ray, Robert, Clara and Ruth Tootkaylok, Kathryn Sweetland and the late RoseAnn (Curran) Timbers.

At the time of his birth Richard and his family were living in Anchorage as his father, Russell, worked as a truck driver on the road system. At age two, Richard moved to Nome and lived with his older sister RoseAnn. He loved being with family and spending time in Solomon practicing subsistence living. At age 11, Richard was adopted by Sharon and Rodney Schulling of Palmer. In Palmer, Richard made friends quickly and became a star football player for the high school Palmer Moose.

Shortly after graduating high school Richard returned to Nome and began working as a Deck Hand for Nome Gold on Dredge #5, also known as Bessie.  Richard was a quick learner and was able to operate many functions of the dredge. Over the years Richard became a jack-of-all-trades and held interesting jobs such as a bodyguard, a construction laborer, landscaper, environmental coordinator and housing inspector. His greatest happiness however came from being in the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends.

Richard predominantly lived in Alaska but also spent time in Yuma, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2010 Richard was accepted in to AVTEC’s Building and Facilities Maintenance Program in Seward and excelled in his trade, graduating with full certifications in May 2011.

Richard was an avid outdoorsman and liked waking up early and making the most of each day. He would often tell those who enjoyed a leisurely morning that they were “burning daylight.” Richard cherished spending time in the great outdoors including, fishing, hunting, boating, berry picking and going for drives on Nome’s road systems. He was always quick to help others in need and even after his terminal diagnosis he would shovel driveways and stairs and spread gravel for elders throughout the community of Nome.

In 2012 Richard met his future wife Nancy Analoak and began to enjoy the richness of the family life raising Keanan, Brandon, Frank and Elton ‘Cabinboy’ as his own.

In 2016, Richard and Nancy married and a year later welcomed their daughter Lottie RoseAnn to their loving family. Richard was a very proud father and was rarely seen without Lottie RoseAnn by his side.

Richard is a beloved uncle to his many nieces and nephews. His humor, big love, gentle scolding, birthday songs and sense of adventure will be missed tremendously. He had his own nick names for his nieces and nephews and showered each with affection and unique life lessons, such as, “Take the high road by listening to your mom not the bumpy road by arguing with her.”

Richard was preceded in death by his parents Russell and Betty Tootkaylok, grandparents Clara, Mollie and Peter Curran, siblings, Russell Jr. ‘Tootsie’, Robert ‘Sonny-Nitting’, Ruth ‘Baby Sister’ Tootkaylok, RoseAnn and Bryan Timbers, nephew Greg Timbers, uncles Joseph, William ‘Pumpkin’ and Robert ‘Gummick’ Curran and cousin Marvin Curran.

He is survived by his wife Nancy Analoak, their children Keanan, Brandon, Frank and Elton ‘Cabinboy’ and their daughter Lottie RoseAnn; his sisters Kathryn Sweetland and Clara Tootkaylok, his brother Raymond Tootkaylok, his aunt Myra and uncle Merlin Henry of Koyuk; his nieces and nephews Rosaleen Osterback, Rosemary Tootkaylok, Traci Hatch, Dawn Nash, Shannon Baxter, Sophie Tocktoo, Evette Henry, Valerie Henry, Eileen Henry, Malcolm Henry, Tyler Henry, Kirsten Timbers and their families.

The family would like to thank everyone who sent their warm wishes and condolences during this difficult time. We would especially like to thank Michael John Mayac, Uly Hall, Dr. Ryan Sheerer, Frances Contreras, Rhonda Sparks, Fawn White, Amy Payenna, Cameron Piscoya, Koonuk Angusuc, Merlin and Myra Henry, Benjamin Payenna, John Handeland, John Washington, Butch, Tom and Austen Tocktoo, Katie Ellanna, Melva Palmer, Christine Schultz, Charlotte Keyes, James and Rachel Ventress, Dr. Rhonda Sivley, City of Nome, NSHC,  NSEDC, Village of Solomon, Bering Straits Native Corporation, Solomon Native Corp and Builders Industrial Supply.


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