Tiffany ‘Paghiina’ Marie Habros

Tiffany ‘Paghiina’ Marie Habros

March 26, 1995 ~ July 23, 2019

Tiffany ‘Paghiina’ Marie Habros was born on March 26, 1995. She was born at the old Norton Sound Hospital to Zenon and Florence Habros. Tiffany was raised and lived mostly in Nome, as she traveled and visited many places.

In her younger school days, she attended school in Poland for a month and a half. There she met her grandma Barbra, and her half sisters Magdalena and Beata Habros. She learned about her Polish culture, and also spent time with all her relatives, making new friends along the way.

Tiffany had taken many family trips to Gambell to visit her mother’s side of the family. There she learned how to speak Siberian Yupik, and how to do subsistence work in our Native culture. While enjoying eating Eskimo food and learning Eskimo dances. She made many sweet, and unforgettable memories with all her cousins.

Tiffany went to attend the Galena Boarding School for three of her highschool years. While attending school at Galena she enjoyed learning about cosmetology, and working on motor vehicles, she also made many friends from all over Alaska.

Tiffany Marie Habros graduated from Nome-Beltz High School, class of 2015.

Tiffany Marie was a family person, she loved doing family activities and being around everyone’s good vibes. She loved being outdoors, camping, fishing, berry picking, hunting and going out ripping with friends. Tiffany was very passionate about helping everyone and anyone from babysitting to homecare for special needs.

Tiffany has left us with many great fond memories in the time she had been with us. Her loving smile and bright personality could never be missed. Her spirit was always ready to face any challenge and she was always ready to win. Her laugh made you smile from ear to ear. She was the best at whatever she set her heart on. Tiffany pursued her dreams that she will continue in Heaven.

Tiffany ‘Paghiina’ Marie Habros tragically left us too soon, but will forever be in our hearts and will be missed by many. She will be remembered by her brother John, Iyu and her sister Celina, stepsiblings Charlie, Ameila, Elijha and Gracie. By her aunties Laura, Meka, Dannita and her uncles Woodrow Jr. and Chauncey. Also her apa Noel. Close cousins Dustin, Rochelle, Jewels Griffin and grandparents Robin Thomas, Audrey Aningayou. By her best friend Neka Luce, boyfriend Andy Piscoya, Sierra and Gordon Iya, Ashlynn Kowchee, Jason Chabot, Aalik Kowchee, Zebblin Standish and Larrisha Johnson. Tiffany is preceded in death by her late apa Woodrow Sr. and late grandma Marie.


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