Fund what’s good for the soul

It seems that all we hear these days is cuts, cuts, cuts. We hear from every level of government, from the feds and the state, that we should prepare for further belt-tightening and that we should not whine about budget cuts that shuffle money from programs that are good and noble into a black hole.

And then we hear that even banks seem to be suffering, but probably not from the lack of money but of common sense. Wells Fargo just pulled their sponsorship from the Iditarod, a hallmark of the Alaskan iconic tradition of mushing.

How can this be?

Maybe it was that PETA succeeded in their misinformation campaign, or maybe Wells Fargo rather puts its money into a different sport or event, we don’t know because when asked, they did not bother to elaborate.

Whatever the reason, it is another damper on the Alaskan soul in this time of budgetary insanity as the state spirals into a fiscal abyss and the President of the United States proposes a budget that purports to be a path to American Greatness and it is in reality a path to Third World poverty for those who don’t happen to be millionaires.

We need those who make money hand over fist to recognize that reinvestments into communities and support of the arts, sports and philanthropy are now needed more than ever.

Morale is low and if well-heeled sponsors keep on dropping out of important Alaskan events, we have not much to look forward to for distraction and some cheering up. —D.H.—


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