Good cops bad cops

Reasonable citizens have repeatedly addressed City fathers to provide reliable and honest public safety in Nome.
Their pleas should be heard as one of the most fundamental tasks of government is to see to the safety of its citizens. It is a severe black mark on the city’s reputation that women have to repeatedly ask for sexual assault and domestic violence incidents to be taken seriously.
And it is not obvious that they’re being heard when a city-sponsored event on the sole purpose of addressing public safety issues is attended by only one councilman, the same ladies who sought the dialogue in the first place and two cops. It is only logical that the gap widens and the patience of the citizens wears thin.
There is a need for more transparency and communication from city officials to constituents. We don’t know that city admin is taking steps to address the complaints unless we are informed that they do.
Years ago, when the cop shop was still housed in that little red office next to Fire Hall, it may have been not the most snazzy or safe digs for a police department, but it allowed for the public to come in and, without formal appointments, to talk with your neighborhood police officer. Some were friendly, some were not. But there was conversation going on. Now with the police department’s home at 102 Greg Kruschek, the dynamic has changed. The community connection got lost.
There is no pleasant interaction of community cops who patrol the street on foot and just stop in one’s shop to see how it’s going. Granted, they have tough job to do. But a lot could be solved by human interaction with folks. And instead of digging in and getting defensive, a lot could be gained by the NPD to have the courage to come and meet the community and ask with genuine interest: How can we help you?—D.H.—

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