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To the student of present world and state political affairs, it seems that reason has gone out the window. At all levels, federal, state and even local, differing parties are so entrenched in their opinions that it seems compromise is no longer possible, to the detriment of the common good.

On the federal and international level, our current president turns foes into “allies” and longtime allies into bewildered foes. It is hard to find one’s bearings when the world order as we knew it is abruptly upended by one person without an obvious plan nor strategy.

On the state level, as the Legislature is divided along partisan lines of how the gigantic budget deficit should be balanced in the longterm. The Senate and the House seem to be unable to come to a compromise that sets our state on a sustainable path. The Governor is in the middle, trying to appease the two chambers with a compromise that further pours oil on the fire.

These are the times when politicians, our representatives, on all levels of government need our involvement, suggestions, ideas, engagement and even furious comments. People, apathy is not an option these days. —D.H.—

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