Elliot Olanna

Elliot Richard “Ahzitnaq” Olanna

Dec. 11, 2007 ~ August 22, 2020

Elliot Richard “Ahzitnaq” Olanna was born to Katherine Magby and Jonathan Davis on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska.  Richard Olanna and Sara Tocktoo were blessed to adopt and raise him as their own.

Elliot was a very loving and caring son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and friend.

Elliot just loved arts and crafts.  He was very creative that he downloaded tutorials off of YouTube and learned to make his own homemade iPod holders and speakers.  Whenever they would break, he would make new ones with improvements to let them last longer.  He was always excited and looking forward to going to Art Club and proudly came home to show what he had made.

Elliot had very special love for any and all children, especially for his nieces and nephews.  He just loved sniffing babies.  When asked to be with any babies, he never said no and was always willing to.

Elliot absolutely loved pizza of any kind; he was even leaning to make his own cracker pizza for himself and his brothers.  He knew the exact dollar amount of all the pizza and most of the time he was always short a few cents for his purchases, but there were always people who helped him.  Thank you to all who helped him.

At a very young age, Elliot learned how to play video games.  Some of his favorite games were Minecraft, Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) and just loved playing any kind of games.  When he couldn’t play the consoles, he’d play on-line and off-line games on his iPod.  If not on his iPod, he would go visit his friends and play games with them all day long.

Elliot is survived by his parents Richard and Sara, birth parents Katherine Magby and Jonathan Davis; brothers Norman, David and Washington Olanna, Benny and Levi Tocktoo; half brothers Evan Magby and Spencer Obruk; sisters Karen, Augustine and Amanda Olanna; half sisters Chloe Nayokpuk, Angela Obruk, Olivia Magby and Jaci Davis; great-grandparents Vincent Tocktoo, Sr., and Agnes Magby, Stella and Kim Ningeulook; grandparents Florina and Jean Snell, Minnie Olanna, and Joel Magby, Florence Davis, and Ray Ningeulook; uncles Albert, Warrant, Perry, Ralph and Randy Olanna, Terrin, Joey, Kodi and Levi Magby, James Sinnok, Vincent Tocktoo, Jr., Alfred, Frank and Gilbert Snell, Fred Davis, Jr., Logan Nayokpuk and Ivan Davis-Nayokpuk; aunts Mary Garnie, Fannie Nassuk, Darlene Tocktoo-Turner, Karen Jean Tocktoo, Molly Snell, Tiffany, Desiree, Ciara Magby, and Emma Olanna and Elliot had numerous aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins, too many to name.

Elliot was preceded in death by great-grandparents Molly Tocktoo, Lloyd Magby, Frieda and Davey Ningeulook, Mildred and Frank Snell, May and John Okie, Minnie and George Olanna, and Beatrice and Fred Davis, Jr.; grandparents Emma and Elliot Olanna; uncles Harry, Alfred, Arnold and Washington Olanna, Benny Tocktoo, Ronald Davis, Wilfred Olanna, Sr., and Edward Olanna; Aunts Ida Weyauvanna, Marie Ningealook, Hannah Tocktoo, and Twyla Webster; and cousins Fredrick Olanna and Mercedes Olanna.

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